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I think a well rounded Shaman, who succeeds in their work with an individual evoking personal growth, transformation, self-discovery, usually by preparing the individual for a tailored imagistic experience (e.g., a vision quest), probably including the teaching of some relevant doctrine (specific material the individual needs), is prepared and responsible to help their Charge understand and integrate their experience into normal life. When properly done, this leverages their Charge's New Inspiration to help them find what the individual and community will agree is a sacred and profoundly "correct" and upgraded role in the community. Shaman manage many heroes' journeys. They artfully lead individuals, in an individualized manner, through a qualitative growth experience or episode of self-discovery, and then help to reintegrate that "New Man or Woman" back into the order of the community in a way that everyone respects and feels is honest, and brimming with integrity. Thus shaman are Guides (1) into chaos and, after stepping back a bit, not micro-managing, (2) Guides though chaos, and (3) Guides back into an enriched revivified Order, where the individual and their community finds sacred, sustaining meaning and increased practical as well as spiritual power for all.

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