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I am very excited for this. Thank you for putting it together.

It would be very helpful if you also put it on spotify to have an updating feed for podcast players, similar to what John Vervaeke did with his lecture series here - https://open.spotify.com/show/43gIWKVun3Ez1N8y2nhJNF

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Nicely done Brett .. Thanks for sharing

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Thanks for releasing this, Brett!

I’ll definitely start watching this weekend.

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Jun 19·edited Jun 19

Amazing stuff. Podcast of it, please? Would love to use something like the Snipd podcast app to transcribe / snip out the juiciest bits. This is just outstanding and scintillating work.

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Economists like Thomas Sowell discuss the knowledge problem. They note that capitalism as an economic system is superior to command or quasi-command economic systems because, while individuals don't necessarily have very much information of larger systems, they do know their situations better than governments. Thus, the economy as a whole is "smarter", or decisions are made more effectively and efficiently, across far more sectors of society than those directed by higher and higher levels of government. A freer society, under increasingly complexity, applies knowledge better than a less free society. Average people working and living under this system make better decisions than experts. This circumstance seems to parallel the rationale of societies basing decisions on myths.

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