Sitemap - 2023 - Intimations of a New Worldview

The Anti-Christ and the Ten Commandments: An Introduction

I'm the incarnation of God on earth, the artists Kid Cudi + B.o.B. are my prophets, and I can prove these absurd statements beyond reasonable doubt if you give me your full attention for four hours.

Synchronicity and the Spirit of Music, Parts 1 and 2: The Archetypal Cosmos + B.o.B. and Kid Cudi

Patreon Q&A Sep 23: Integration, Disintegration, and Non-Zero-Sum Games.

Modes of Religiosity and the Autism-Schizotypy Continuum: A Pre-Print

The Music of AC/DC Expresses The Philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche.

Kanye West's Music Expresses The Philosophy Of Friedrich Nietzsche.

A Follow-Up To My Letter To Academia

Open Letter To Jordan Peterson

Come Take A Dip In The Strawberry River (Or Is It The Whitewater Rapids?)

The Ascetic Ideal, Child Molesting Priests, Satanic Revenge, and Caesar With the Soul of Christ.

My Second Conversation With John Vervaeke and Gregg Henriques

An Open Letter To Academia About Why I Am Taking A Leave Of Absence From My PhD Program

Peacemaking Among Higher Order Primates

Incorporating the Shadow and Integrating Your Dark Side

Transcendent Naturalism: A Video Podcast With Gregg Henriques and John Vervaeke

Truth is a Non-Zero-Sum Game

The Legend of King David (AKA, Jehovah's faithful servant)

On Becoming Who You Are as a Schizoid Loner (i.e., an Honorable Man).

Why I am Taking a Leave of Absence From Academia (On Scholars and Tarantulas)

Podcast With Jack Roycroft

The War Against the Old Gods

A Call to Arms for the Fallen Ones, The Watchers, The Schizoids. AKA Dragon Force.

The Devouring Mother Archetype and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

On the Warriors of Light and Knowledge

Why I am Revolutionary

Story Time 2: On Shame and Shamelessness


Story Time 1: How to Live an Honest Life of Love (questions for anyone who wants to listen)


The Pain

I am the Director of Music

Patreon and Substack Q&A 2

The 5th Dimension

The Fool Precedes the Master

When the Spirit Becomes a Lion

The Watchers

Patreon and Substack Q&A 1

The Lord of the Sad and Lonely

On The Way Of The Creator

I am God. Or am I?

The Sleep Demons

No Longer Responding to Concern

The Everyman and the Shiny Golden God

Listen, Please

Going Up


The Man on the Moon

She Said You Gotta Do it Alone

The 5th Dimension

Music is Everything

The Supermassive Black Hole

The Rabbit

It's a Dream

Welcome to the Hotel California

I've Become a Monster

Jehovah is a Bumbling Idiot Without Sophia

Man and Woman

The Matrix

This is the Memory

The Marriage of Heaven and Hell

Gazing Into the Abyss, Part 1

I am the White Horseman of the Apocalypse

Cads and Sluts

I am the White Horseman of the Apocalypse

Is the World Mechanism or Music?

YouTube series "Intimations of a New Worldview", parts 1-4 out now.

Utilitarianism is Slave Morality for Nerds

On War and Warriors

An Update to the Essay "Intimations of a New Worldview"

Relevance Realization, Cerebral Hemispheres, and the Reconciliation of Science and Mythology

Avoiding Existential Threats as a Non-Zero-Sum Game

The Revaluation of All Values, Part 4